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Housing reform - Letting boards in Cardiff


Cardiff council plans to tidy up Cardiff Streets in Cathays & Plasnewydd area come into force as of 1st October 2015

Cardiff council are to put an end to the 'Sea' of letting boards that swamp the student areas of Cardiff. The new legislation that will come into force as of October 2015, will restrict the size of letting boards, the content on the boards and the way in which they are to be erected. The boards will be much smaller in size and will need to be fitted flush against properties, above the front door.

The council will also be enforcing further restrictions such as prohibiting the use of residential letting boards between October 1 and December 31 this year, across Cathays and Plasnewydd area & restricting the number of boards per building & per street.

The enforcement of the new regulations have been implemented due to a number of reasons including claims that agents have 'abused' the letting board system and have disgruntled residents as a result.

According to the Letting Boards in Cathays & Plasnewydd Consultation Report August 2014, 'letters were distributed to addresses throughout Cathays and Plasnewydd, advising residents of the proposals, and inviting them to take part in the survey'.

It has been documented in this report that the council received 477 responses to which 81.7% expressed concern about the number of letting boards in the stated area.

Residents were also given a list of what their main concerns were in relation to the heavy number of boards in the area.

Between 71 - 87% selected that boards harms the appearance of the area, makes the area less desirable, Attracts vandalism & burglaries (through the appearance of empty houses), Impression that only students live in this area, Boards allow unjustified advertising for lettings agency/landlord.

The survey also gave the residents and opportunity to raise concerns for other reasons & comment about the effectiveness of letting boards and the Draft.

It has been documented in the report that 87.8% supported the Council taking action in order to
control the display of letting boards.

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