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Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

Housing Act 2014 (Wales)

The 'Housing (Wales) Bill' was introduced on 18th November 2013, which was passed in assembly on 8th July 2014 and had Royal assent on 17th September 2014.

Cardiff Council Single Licensing Authority for powers contained in Part 1 of the 'Housing (Wales) Act 2014 - Welsh Agent & Landlord Licensing Scheme' came into force on 1st April 2015

As of Autumn 2015 (date yet to be confirmed), all landlords will be legal required to register themselves as landlords, register their rental properties & will need to notify if they have joined or left a Letting Agency. It has been proposed that landlords will be able to register online. There will however be a dedicated team, department & telephone number who will be able to assist with registrations. There will be a registration fee, however the registration will last for a 5 year period and will need to be renewed on the 5th year anniversary.

Enforcements against un-registered landlords will not come into force until Autumn 2016, to ensure that all landlords come forward and register.

It will also become a legal obligation that landlords who manage their own properties during tenancies must be licensed, which will be based on approved training. Even parties working on behalf of the landlord to manage the property and tenancies, such as family members, builders etc will be have to be licensed.

From Autumn 2015 (date yet to be confirmed) it will also become mandatory for all Letting Agents to be licensed and to have undertake approved training. Agents will also have to abide to the following:

• Codes Of Practise
• Hold 'Client Money Protection'
• Join a 'Redress Scheme'
• Hold PI Insurance
• Have a Complaints Procedure
• Join an approved scheme such as ARLA, NALS etc

Boulton & Griffiths - Professionals Relocating Ltd is already a licensed agency and is compliant with the above. We are ready for the enforcements of the Housing Act 2014 (Wales). You are in safe hands with our letting agency!

The above has been provided for information only & does not act as guidelines

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